November 14, 2022

In KPVI’s ‘Proud to be Local’ series, KPVI’s Deanne Coffin visited a new tea shop that’s steeping into Historic Downtown Pocatello.

The new ‘Purpose Tea’ is shaking things up in Historic Downtown Pocatello.

Located on Main Street and new to the downtown area, owner Craig Yadon says they’ve only been open for about a week and they hope their new place brings people together.


“What we’re hoping is that this will be a inter-generational spot to where our older community and our younger community can come and interface here,” says Craig Yadon, Owner, Purpose Tea.

Purpose Tea specialized in Boba Tea.

Craig says they were inspired to start a Boba Tea business after living in another country.

“We were fortunate enough to spend five years in Thailand as a family. 2013 to 2018 and Boba Tea is a thing that started in Asia, so our kids liked it. We came to enjoy it and Pocatello doesn’t have a lot of those places,” says Craig.


His wife Mariya says they serve everything from cold to hot tea, smoothies, steamers and custom pastries.

She says the ‘Pumpkin Butter Steamer’ is perfect for a brisk Fall day.

“We hope to make this a very fun shop for family, for friends, just a nice get-together. Someone that’s not necessarily in the mood for coffee, just wants a fun drink to try. We have so many options to be able to experiment with,” says Mariya.

They say they can heat seal their cold drinks with a custom sealer machine.

“It’s so cool, our custom sealer machine creates a drink that’s spill-proof. You could tip it upside down and no mess, says Craig.

And they are ‘Proud to be Local.’

“Well I think Pocatello is worth investing in and so that’s what we’ve done. We grew up here and we just think Pocatello is worth investing and to join what’s going on here in Historic Downtown Pocatello, there’s some good things happening and we just want to be a part of that, says Craig.

This article first appeared on KPVI News

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